CI5X Series Impact Crushers

This machine integrates many technology achievements including high-accuracy rotor, multifunctional hydraulic operating system and efficient involute crushing cavity, which can help clients win more benefits.

Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


1.Finite element analysis technology is adopted to reduce the weight of the crusher substantially and make transportation and installation more convenient.

2.The design of high-precision heavy type rotor improves the capacity and rotating speed of rotor remarkably.

3.Adopting the design of multi-function hydraulic system realize intelligent control for frame, impact rack, output size and maintenance. Besides, the operation is much easier and operating rate is improved.

4.Efficient involute-shaped crushing chamber makes the efficiency higher and final product size well-distributed.

5.According to various working conditions, the crusher adopts wearable hammer and impact plate which ensures the equipment is in the of the optimal operation. The exact matching power for driving motors is adopted to reach the aim of cost optimized control.

6.Low fault rate, steady running.

7.The positioning accuracy is more reliable because of the new design of bearing block positioning device, which satisfy the requirements of usage and maintenance.